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Xiaomi Mi 6 Could Be The Next iPhone Killer

Xiaomi Mi 6 Could Be The Next iPhone Killer:

With cheap phones getting better, the flagship phones are also getting cheaper. Xiaomi Mi 6 is actually a perfect example for this. The new flagship can even compete and beat the latest flagships.The new phone is no joke, not only specification wise but design wise as well. Let’s have a look at the features and overview of the device.


Display of Xiaomi Mi 6:


The phone comes with the 5.15-inch display. It might sound smaller with the current universal screen size the phones are launching at, but there is still a customer base looking for a compact phone.

No Headphone Jack:

No headphone jack

Like iPhone 7, the new Mi 6 also doesn’t have a headphone jack. Now, we are not saying Xiaomi has an old habit of copying Apple, but in order to make phones slim and improve water resistant capacity, removing headphone jack is necessary. And that is what Xiaomi did this time.

Dual Camera Setup of Xiomi Mi6:

Dual camera setup

The camera is no joke in Xiaomi Mi 6; the 12 MP dual camera setup can even beat iPhone’s camera in some of its sections. Deep camera analysis will be done in our full review so stay tuned for that.


Talking about the hardware, the device comes with latest Snapdragon 835 processor, which is powered by Kyro 280 microarchitecture. To put this into simple words the processor in Xiaomi Mi 6 is based on 10nm(nanometer) technology, again less the nanometer better the performance.


The Snapdragon 835 is based on octa-core chip, in which 4-cores are power-based whereas the other 4-cores are power efficient. Talking about RAM, it has 6 GB LPDDR4X of RAM, making the term easy this RAM version is the best you can get.

Design of Xiaomi Mi 6:


The phone is curved from every edge you see; the curve edges not only helps the device to look slim and sexy but provide good grip and feel when in hands.


Battery of Xiaomi Mi 6:


The phone has got USB-C at the bottom for a quick charge.


The phone comes with 3350 mAh battery,  again the compact screen size will help it to last a little longer, but with more battery comes quick charging responsibility.


Price of Xiaomi Mi 6:


The device has been launched in 3-vairants- 6GB RAM+64GB storage for 2499RMB, 6GB RAM+128GB storage for 2899RMB, and the top variant in ceramic will cost you 2999RMB.

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