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Top 10 New Android Apps

Top 10 New Android Apps: 

Hello all,today i will post about top 10 new android apps.Read my article to know about these awesome new android apps.

android top apps


1.Walli :-


The specialty of this app is all the wallpapers in this app are illustrations and some sort of artwork type.I’m a big fan of art type wallpapers.Other thing that is unique about this app is it is more like a community of artists rather than a typical wallpaper app.It is one of the unique wallpaper apps for android.You guys must check it out.It is really great.



2. Launcher called as Evie:


I don’t personally change launchers that often because to be honest most of these good launchers are exactly the same.This launcher called Evie is so simple and it kind of reminds of the GUI style of ios because of that blurry background.As i said earlier it is pretty straight forward and simple launcher you can access the app drawer ,widgets and launcher settings by swiping from left,and there is a search bar up top and that’s it.



3. Bitly:-


I know most of you are not interested in this app.But it is an useful app for people like myself.If you don’t know what is Bitly.
It is a shorten url(universal locater resource) service.They recently made a mobile app to make url
shortening easy for mobile users, And they totally nailed it.It is very good app if you want to shorten
and track urls.



4. icon pack:-

Because you guys always ask me which icon pack i’m using.The answer to that as of right now is polyicon.It is one my best icon packs.The icons looks pretty clean and materialistic,
which i’m a big fan of.And also it has icons for all the major applications
and it also contains multiple custom icons for very popular apps.It is really a good icon pack that i recommend to anyone without without hesitation.So check it out



I Know most of you watching this video have already tried out this app.I’m so happy for the success this app had.It totally deserves it.Amazing work.It actually opened up a new section of photo filter apps.


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6.Wear smartwatch:-


So if you don’t have one you can skip this part.The app is called WiFi Manager for Android Wear. the name says it all.So if you ever connected to a wifi hotspot.
Using your smartwatch you know the how hard it is.With this small app now you can connect
to a password protected wifi hotspot without pulling out your phone to enter password,
you can enter password directly from the watch itself.

It is really really an awesome app.If you have an android wear smartwatch , you should check it out



7.Proximity Service:-


Basically what it does is when you cover the proximity sensor by either placing your phone

upside down on a table or by covering it with your finger, it will turn off the screen,just the screen.

The foreground and background running apps will run without any problem.It is sort of like turning off your computer monitor.This app might come in handy when you listen to music via YouTube or playing a certain type of game.





It is another useful app if you watch a lot of YouTube videos . This app allows you to watch videos in a floating window on top of whatever the app you are using.This floating window can be dragged and you
can place it wherever you want.To send a video from the official YouTube app to fly-tube you can use the share button.The GUI is surprisingly smooth and elegant and it is a well designed app.Check it out if you are interested.



9.Lens Launcher:-

Lens Launcher is a very very unique launcher.And this is what it does.Hmm,pretty cool and weird right.This app is part of the google’s android experiment in which developers create some weird apps for some reason.I’m not saying it’s bad.I like the concept and this launcher is very helpful for people who always use their device one handed other than that i don’t see the purpose of this launcher, it is pretty confusing.I don’t know,If you guys want to try this launcher the link is in the description.




As you can probably tell from the name it is an emoji keyboard. this app predicts or shows you an emoji
for what you typed.So for example if type “dog” this app will show you an emoji related to the word  dog on this emoji bar.And when you tap on any one of that emojis the word will get replaced by the emoji.I just want to say a few things about this app.

The thing that pisses me off is that this emoji prediction thing is not a new thing,this same thing is in their original keyboard app.Then why do they made a separate app just to showcase this feature..I don’t know.It is not a bad keyboard app in anyway.I just don’t understand why they made separate app.That’s all.


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Thanks For Reading.

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