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NVIDIA vs AMD Which is Best Graphics Cards

NVIDIA vs AMD Which is Best Graphics Cards

The war will never end as long as people are playing games on their laptops and PC. This question still remains kind of unsolved; “Which is the best graphics card for gaming? While many of us think NVIDIA is far better due to its latest upgrades, but AMD is also quite well known for providing high-end graphics card at quite affordable prices.
Believe me, we can go on for days arguing on this matter and we will end up nowhere as it totally depends on what you are expecting as a user from your graphics card. However, we can compare both of these giants in the field on the basis of following attributes.

NVIDIA vs AMD Which is Best Graphics Cards
NVIDIA vs AMD Which is Best Graphics Cards



Making a perfect combo of performance and price used to be considered an attribute of AMD but things aren’t as such now.

Nowadays NVIDIA is also reducing the prices of its existing graphics cards as well as is manufacturing cards at prices that are quite competitive with their AMD counterparts. NVIDIA has also taken a step further by adding some associative technologies to cover for the excessive prices of its cards.

Technical Features

In terms of software support and added features, NVIDIA definitely has an edge. As already stated NVIDIA tries to add as many features as possible to manufacture an enriched graphics card so that the price doesn’t remain an issue for the buyer.

Just take GeForce Experience software that is an all-time solution for all your software features and needs, Though AMD is trying to catch up with software such as Radeon Crimson ReLive, still NVIDIA has something which customers are crazy for even at higher prices.


Price is by far the most important and most considerable factor for any buyer when he is buying a graphics card. He usually wants to buy the best for the least and it is quite natural to do so.

However, in the case of NVIDIA, you can’t do it this way. You have to bear the high prices of NVIDIA if you are looking for high-end performances and 4K gaming displays.

However, in terms of better graphics cards, both NVIDIA and AMD have the same prices for the bigger giants. After all, the better price means how heavy discount you can get by any seller.

Both are best!

If you ask me which of these cards are best i can say both are best, then I am sorry I have failed in forming a just verdict. Not because I am not good enough but because the verdict can never be formed in this case.

So let’s just settle for: Both are best!

It all depends on why are you buying a graphics card, your requirements, and budget of course! We do advise you to take a look at the best offered by both of these, compare prices, take a look at the specifications and just pay for what you wish to have!

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