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How to Send a Blank Message to Whatsapp

How to Send a Blank Message to Whatsapp

In the world of internet WhatsApp became the one of the most famous social application after Facebook. People are using this application for communication with friends and family and for share happy live moments. From point of view, Whatsapp is one of the largest communication systems and many of the people chatting with each other. But here in this atricle, I am going to discuss How to send a blank message on WhatsApp. I will tell you the very simple method to send the blank message on WhatsApp.

Blank message on Whatsapp

When WhatsApp arrived in the field of social media we all tried to send a blank message on WhatsApp by making too many spaces or by using some characters. We have seen on Facebook, many of our friends posting blank comments on Facebook and sending us to a blank message on WhatsApp but they did not sharing any trick for to send a blank message to friends as a prank. But the trick to send a blank message to WhatsApp is same as posting the blank comment on facebook.

How to Send a Blank Message to Whatsapp

How to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp,  3 simple methods.
By using:

  • Noword App
  • Notepad
  • Unidentified Character

1st Method NoWord App

If you are interested in sending a blank message on WhatsApp then we are going to share an application that names NoWord App. NoWord app is third-party Application for the Android devices, and with this app, you can create a blank message to send on WhatsApp. But there are also some other apps like Noword App, but I will recommend you to use NoWord App because it is one of the best App for to create the blank message.
Direct Download link to NoWord App is given below.

  • For to install this App, first go to Setting -> Security -> Select Unknow Sources
  • Now Install NoWord App.
  • After the installation of Noword Application, Launch it.
  • Now you will see Screen of this App like this and below to Empty Box, you will find Send Tab.

How to Send a Blank Message on Whatsapp

  • Click on Send and a pop-up message will show & now choose the Whatsapp and select the Contact on whom you want to share a blank message.Your Blank message will be sent.

2nd method Notepad

For to use this you must have a PC/Laptop. The Notepad on PC/Laptop is one of the most useful software for writing documents.

  • Open the Notepad
  • Now in the notepad type ALT+255 or ALT+0160

How to Send a Blank Message on Whatsapp

  • Once you typed the above two codes then you will see a blank space on your notepad.
  • Now Save this file and Transfer it to your Mobile by using Bluetooth, USB Cable etc.
  • Now open this notepad file on text viewer and then copy this blank space by holding on it.
  • Now open the Whatsapp and go to any Contact Chat messages and Paste the copied space and hit the Send Button.
    Congratulation you have successfully sent a blank message on WhatsApp.

3rd Method Unidentified Character

This is the method which you can use on any of the smart devices. You can download these unidentified characters both on Mobile and PC/Laptop.

  • First of all Download unidentified character from below link
  • Open the Downloaded Unidentified Character in the Text editor app.

How to Send a Blank Message on Whatsapp

  • Copy these characters that are between the ” ” (inverted commas).
  • Paste these characters on the Whatsapp chat box. Now remove the “” symbol (Inverted commos), otherwise, the message will not be seen blank to other readers.
  • Once the “” is removed, then you can hit on Send and a blank message will be sent and now you can do Prank with many of friends.

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