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Android Top Funny Apps

Android Top Funny Apps:

Are you tired of your hectic lifestyle? Well, it is time to relax, you have many things around you such as funny Apps on your smartphones.You will find some people saying that tendency of using gadgets have moved us away from acquiring any physical activity which is important to stay fresh and happy.


android funny apps


Although that sounds true to some extent but we cannot help using gadgets as it is an integral part of our lives now.You may differ from it but it is a fact that to stay fresh and happy you do not need to necessarily go for any physical activity.


android funny apps



All you will have to do is to grab the smartphone and use following funny Apps, which will definitely make your day.I hope you people will enjoy it 😛




android funny apps

It happens to be the famous fun photos website. It has its own specific App for iPhone which helps in accessing to the site’s photo gallery. So do not waste time and acquire the App right now and have great fun with friends while using this exciting App.




2.Talking Tom:


android funny apps

Although everyone likes this specific App, but kids like it most and indeed it is the great funny App. The users of both iPhone and Android can use this App. If you are not feeling good and want to fresh your mind then start talking to Tom, who will put a smile on your face. You have great fun with this cat.Also there is a talking tom mod too.





android funny apps

Everyone knows that BUZZFEED is the famous fun website and you know it has an iPhone App. This App delivers all kinds of noteworthy and various funny things from the internet to your smartphone. You may come across political jokes, latest photos of films and YouTube videos.





android funny apps

It is the App through which you put face into any kind of funny character. The story does not end here as you can also make your own great video while enjoying with friends and family. Seriously using it is the great fun and after a hectic day at work, this App is the best way to have a smile on your face.






android funny apps

IFUNNY is another exciting funny App that is very famous among young people. But while using it, make sure you have the stable internet service. In that specific App, you may create a pic yourself and send it out to your friends and family members. Do not forget to keep it away from kids as it also consists of mature content.






android funny apps

Honestly, this is the App which every age group likes. As you explore this App so you will find that it produces different kinds of funny sounds. If you have failed to express your own feelings, just hit Instant Button for explaining your own mood.






android funny apps

If you are the one who likes fantasy movies, so this App is the right option for you. If you want to see a dragon then just use this exciting App. It offers you your personal 3D dragon that will be the ability to breathe and fire. You know the dragon also responds to your every single movement.

Note:- I will update the list very soon.


Thank you for reading….Enjoy your day 🙂

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