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Best Free Parental Control App For Android

Best Free Parental Control App For Android:


Children have become web-savvy today. They learn vocabulary play games and do math exercises – all online. But a number of those child- may be opening doors to the adult contents that parents don’t need them to see. Now, among the very used media for kids to go online are both smartphones cellular devices and tablets.



best free parental control app for android

You need to set up parental control programs, to ensure that your children are utilizing Android apparatus in the way they’re supposed to. With a parental control app you’ll be able to monitor his or her online activities to make sure your kid is safe.



best free parental control app for android

Some of those programs make it possible for you to put restrictions of online sites they are able to research, tracking of their call usage or text, choose the apps your kids are permitted to obtain, and also the time they are permitted to spend on their devices.


Listed here are some of the best parental control apps which help you keep monitor the actions of your kids and protect them from the Internet’s poor side.




1. Kid’s Shell:


Child’s Shell is a superb parental control app for Android. This program was made to create a parent’s smartphone or tablet PC safe for children. By selecting application your kids are enabled to run on your apparatus with this particular app, you can create a safe environment. Hence, your child will never be able write a text message to phone anyone than those approved, or open any other program.


You can assemble all program your kids like in one secure place. They’ll not manage to click on ads and make in-app purchases. There isn’t any chance for a child to leave a shell, in order to rest assured your restrictions work. The program is protected with a password for this objective.


Other Features Of Kid’s Shell: 

1.Locked Home button.

2.Mathematics password for Exit and Parent mode.

3.Up to 48 approved applications on a workspace.

4.Optimized for Tablet Computers and Phones.


Best Free Parental Control App For Android




2. Family Time Parental Management:

Family Time is a robust parental control app that lets parents track and manage how their kids use their Android devices. This program has two variants; one for children and also the other for parents.


These two separate variants allows parents to handle their child’s screen time remotely without being snoopy. Parents can get their dash from both smartphones and notebooks. From the dashboard, they are able to see reports of their child’s contacts, call logs, bookmarks, installed programs, place – Web history, history, along with several alternatives. It is simple to customize and make different settings for every one of your kid add any time to change settings and profiles. You can also lock their phone at anytime so that your kids cannot use their smartphone.



Other features:

Program Blocker – Games and remotely block unwanted programs on your kids’s Android cellphones & tablets.
Limit Screen Time – You define custom rules or can limit display time on kid’s mobile during dinner and bedtime.
Monitor SMS – Remotely monitor all text messages sent and received by your children on their cellular devices.
See Action Reports – Family Time lets you view the cellphone action reports of your children from this parental management Program. You can see their place history and other cellphone use info on the go.
SOS/Panic Alerts – Receive SOS Alerts from your children with complete location details.
PickMeUp Alarms .



family time screenshots




3. Kids Zone Parental Controls:

Kids Zone is another finest parental lock that allows you to produce a profile for your child on tablet computer or your smartphone. In the profile, you can pick program that you lets your child to utilize. You can add a unique wallpaper for your child place and to enjoy a password that is secret to prevent them from restrictions that are changing.

With Kids Zone installed, your young ones will undoubtedly be unable to set up apps or make in-app purchases. Parents are also provided by the app with an ability to apply time-outs. Time during which your child may employ your apparatus can be specified by you. As soon as the time is around, your kid doesn’t have any access to the gadget.

In addition, you keep them from getting the Internet and can block text messaging, mobile calling.
The app offers you the capacity to produce individual profiles for every one of your youngsters, should you upgrade to the Pro version. Moreover, a fast-to-call feature will become available to you personally. This means you will have the ability to immediately unlock the phone to take an incoming call.

Other Features:


1.Create a custom PIN needed to unlock your device & the ’s settings that are program.


2.So Adolescents , can remove default PIN unlock the device.
3.Kids Zone examines apps on your own phone for kid-friendly apps.


kids zone parental controls screenshots



4. Screen Time Parental Management:


As the particular name suggests, Display Time is a program that lets you handle the time your kids spend in your Android cellphone or tablet computer. It’s possible for you to keep tabs on all apps and games accessed by your kids as well as the time spent on all these programs. You may also block specific apps that you feel your child should not be getting at certain time. For instance, you can block only games at bed time but still enable readings apps. Display Time additionally allows you to set time limits on apps that are selected.


Screen Time Parental Control also have a special incentive attribute, which will grant additional time when a task is completed, like a chore or homework assignment.


Other Features:

1.Use your phone or graphics tablet to pause your kid’s apparatus or give time to Bonus.
2.Establish a time limit that is daily on the apps you need to confine.
3.Display time screenshots.



screen time screenshots




5. Children Place – Parental Management:



Kids Place is an app lock with exceptional parental management. It includes child lock feature that limits children to programs and protects your personal info and parental controls you have approved. Children Place app additionally prevents children from making phone calls, downloading new programs, texting or performing other activities that need payment. Additionally, it has convenience features for parents useful for little kids who by chance depart launched programs, including auto app restart.


Apart from that, it’s also effective at disabling all wireless and blocking phone calls signals. When you use and install the program for the first time, you’ve got to first set a PIN for security functions.

Other Features:


1.Add custom wallpaper to customize your kid’s encounter while in Children Place.
2.Can restarts apps unintentionally stopped by small children, allowing parents to remain focused on their very own jobs.
3.Timer feature to lock Children Place after specified period of time.
4.Support Multiple User Profiles.




kids place parental control screenshots





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