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8 Ball Pool Hack and Cheats(Country And Cash Trick)

8 Ball Pool Hack and Cheats Apk(Country And Cash Trick):

Today i am here to post about latest 8 ball pool hack and cheats tricks and tips. As you all know about 8 ball pool hack mod that is very famous snooker game for both pc and mobile users. This amazing game is created and developed by miniclip. Miniclip is a very famous gaming developing company.


8 ball pool hack


As of June 2015, 8 Ball Pool was ranked number one game of one-hundred in Miniclip’s Top 100 games list.8 Ball Pool hack mod apk is the largest multiplayer game of its genre, netting thousands of players daily. As of February 2013, the game had eighteen million active players.


8 Ball Pool Game Rules:

1.Potting the 8 ball(black ball) results in immediate loss; once the player has potted all of their balls, they must pot the 8 ball.


2.Potting the cue ball(white ball) allows the opposing player to move the cue ball to their own accord and leisure.


3.You are assigned to pot in a specific ball at the start of the game, depending on what variant of ball you have potted. If you potted a solid ball (a ball mostly covered in one colour) you are assigned to solids and if you pot a striped ball (a ball covered in a stripe pattern) you are assigned to pot the striped ball.



8 ball pool hack


4.Hitting a different variant of a ball allows the opponent to move cue ball to their own leisure even if your own variant of ball was potted when the other ball was hit.


5.If the cue ball is potted with the 8 ball when the player is assigned to hit the 8 ball then they lose.


6.If the player hits a different variant of ball when assigned to hit the 8 ball and they pot the 8 ball they lose.



Profit and Advertising 0f 8 Ball Pool:

To support 8 ball pool mod hack apk free content, on the computer version of 8 Ball Pool an advertisement stands aside the playing screen. This feature appears aside all other games within Miniclip‘s website. Most of Miniclip’s money comes through by advertising, but, however, Miniclip also sells subscriptions and virtual goods, which contribute to Miniclip’s profit and wealth.


8 ball pool hack

Miniclip existence around mobile devices has benefit them greatly. Miniclip’s being on Facebook was also a gargantuan source of traffic for them; their fan page is very popular and has acquired over one million likes. On the contrary, the company is not really aiming to get big on social media, despite having an exclusive version of 8 Ball Pool for Facebook.


8 Ball Pool Hacks and Cheats:


1. 8 Ball Pool Room Unlock Trick:

As you all know that miniclip have updated there version toh 3.9.1 . In this version when someone creates a new id he have to play and win the games until he reaches to the unlock the another game playing table room.Now how to unlock all room by this awesome trick,just follow my steps and watch the video too for better understanding.


1.First of all create a new id.

2.Open 8 ball pool game.

3.Now if you are from wifi then turn off your mobile wifi.

4.If you are using mobile sim internet,turn off mobile internet too.

5.Wait for some seconds.

6.Now turn on your mobile internet.

7.Now click on play now and play tutorial and pot your white ball too with black ball.

8.Now check your room all room will be unlocked.



Video Tutorial on How To Unlock All 8 Ball Pool Rooms:


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2.How To Change 8 Ball Pool Country To Low Wining Country:

Some time it is very hard to top your own country by playing and wining games in weekly competition to gain 400 cash. So most of the players change their country to a low wining country so that they can win the weekly competition to win the prize of 400 cash. Now how to change country in simple way just follow my steps.


1.Wait for monday when weekly league is going to be end in some minutes.

2.When you notice that the weekly competition ends now login to miniclip.com.

3.Don’t open 8 ball pool game,just open miniclip website.

4.Login into your id.

5.Now when you logged in now go to your profile and click on edit profile.

6.Now there will be your profile settings.

7.Click on country and choose any country from the list that you think that it will have low winings.

8.Now click on save.

9.Now open 8 ball pool game.

10.All done. You have successfully changed your country to a low wining country.



Thank you for reading my article.Kindly share this with your friends. For any help or problem kindly comment below.

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